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Web Hit Counters with Statistics

In order to track and quantify the popularity of your website it is essential to know how many users have visited your website, on a regular basis. In order to do so, you will require a visitor counter on your website which will be able to keep track of this particular count. All you require is a 100% free hit counter on your website. And yes, using the Free Hit Counters doesn’t even involve furnishing of personal details like your email address or phone number. You need not fill up any long intimidating online forms too.

Statistics is one of the most important results of hit counter as it gives a clear picture of the number of visitors you are getting every day. Using this statistical data you will be able to identify which days of the week or even which parts of the day your website is getting most visitors. Moreover, you will also get a comparison of the total number of visitors you are getting and even the number of visitors which are currently online. This is of great help for those who are looking forward to provide live chat or even assistance to the logged in users at a certain point of time.

Your Free HitCounter Code

Well, there are different types of counters present on the internet. However, most of these counters have a certain catch added to their usage. Either you will have to divulge sensitive information for registration, or sign up for some kind of marketing plans or buy them for a price in order to use them on your website. However, you can get these Free Hit Counters without any costs and without any hassles whatsoever.

You will be able to choose the color scheme, the style of the counter itself as well as the type of counter which you wish to install on your website. Once you make these choices, all you will have to do generate the code for it with the hit of a button and then paste the code on your website’s source code in order to generate the counter. This is a very simple installation process and takes only a few minutes to implement.

The steps to generate the codes for Free Hit Counters:

  • Select the Free Hit Counters that suits your need. We would advise you to select the simpler versions in case your webpage has limited space.
  • There are variants of Free Hit Counters which displays information such as Visitor count for the current day, yesterday, all visitors since history and also the number of visitors who are currently online.
  • Once you are done with the layout selection, it’s time to choose a color. Select a color that matches your website interface.
  • Next, go ahead and click on the “Generate Code” or “Grab It” button.
  • A window opens up with a fragment of HTML code.
  • Right-click on the piece of code with your mouse.
  • The code should get selected and a menu pops up. Depending upon your Operating System, language settings, browser controls, you should be getting a menu stating “Copy Code” or “Copy Selection”.
  • Copy the HTML code.
  • You need to paste the HTML code at the page or layout on your website/blog.
  • Right-Click and Paste.

No Email, no Registration needed

Our Free Hit Counters are not only free of cost but it is easy to configure for your website. Yu need not hire programmers or expensive developers for embedding the counter on your website. The Free Hit Counters are easy to install and all you need to know is the simple operation of copy-paste in-order to get the awesome Free Hit Counters integrated into your website.

Once you reach our website, you will be given the option of choosing from different styles of counter along with varied color combinations. Once you make up your mind about the type of counter you want for your particular website and the color scheme which suits you best, all you need to do is to hit on the ‘Get It!’ button.

The ‘Get It!’ button will take you to the next page where the JavaScript code has been generated for your desired counter. You simply need to copy this code and paste it to your website’s source code.

Real time Hit Tracking of Your Website

In order to effectively measure the popularity of your website and the effectiveness of its content, it is essential to find out the number of hits, it draws in real time. This real time is helpful in identifying the customer base as well as the timeframe during which the most number of hits have occurred for the website. There are also additional benefits to real time data tracking which makes it easier to substantially improve the content and focus on particular pages which have been striking the right chords with customers.

Free Hit Counters offers an exclusive visitor counter feature called ‘Online’ which means that you get to “monitor” real time data pertaining to the number of hits occurring at the present moment on a Real-Time basis. This in turn allows you to change or modify your content of certain web-pages, depending on the number of users visiting them.

Free Service

The Free Hit Counters are absolutely free. There are no trial periods or any subscription that you will have to register for in order to use the features of our Free Hit Counters. Also, you need not provide any personal details such as Phone numbers and E-Mails in order to generate the free HTML code for the Free Hit Counters.